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"Really enjoyed. I learned a lot, coming back in July for the Wisdom Teeth Ext course."

—Barinder Cheema, DDS; Yuba City, CA

"The class was very organized. All the faculty were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject."

—Kim-Vy C. Pham, DMD; Las Vegas, NV

"Great course! Very well organized. Minimal time away from the office compared to most courses available."

—Helios Houenou, DDS; Lawrenceville, GA

"This course is a huge service to the dental community!"

—James Standring, DDS; Crescent City, CA

"Very comprehensive and extremely practical for every general dentist."

—Kami Kohani, DDS; San Diego, CA

"Great Course! Loved how the training can be complete in 1 week! Excellent!"

—Josh Leute, DDS; Port Washington, WI