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Safe IV Sedation (SIS) - January 9th -14th, 2024

SIS — Simple, Safe, Predictable and Profitable Technique. IV Sedation Certification in Six Days. Happy Patients Who Refer.


As the course name suggests, safety is the primary objective of this course. We only recommend treating ASA I and II patients with IV moderate sedation. ASA III patients should be referred or treated in your office with an anesthesiologist present. Patient selection is critical when sedating patients.

6 Days - Training

Only 6 days to complete our training and become IV sedation certified in California. No hotel and no airline ticket mean you save money and are home every night. Our IV sedation course is limited to 12 Bay Area California dentists.


Titration makes IV sedation unique. Sedation is a continuum from awake to general anesthesia. Fentanyl and midazolam are added slowly in small increments until the patient is moderately sedated.


Dr. Wayland

Dr. John Wayland, the course director and founder of Bay Area IV Wisdom, has a wealth of experience in IV sedation. Having been trained by anesthesia icon Dr. Stanley Malamed in 1982, Dr. Wayland received his IV sedation certification in 1983. Dr. Malamed is also the author of the acclaimed book “SEDATION: A Guide to Patient Management.”

With over 40+ years of experience as a Dental Board of California office sedation evaluator, Dr. Wayland has used IV sedation for thousands of patients undergoing full bony impacted third molar removal. These patients typically have little or no memory of the procedure.

Why Bay Area IV Wisdom?

Our Goal

Safe Moderate Sedation

We strive to achieve safe moderate sedation for all patients. Moderately sedated patients remain responsive to light tactile stimulation or verbal commands. This is made possible through titration.  Please contact Dr. John Wayland to learn about the specifics on this.  At Bay Area IV Wisdom, we utilize minimal drugs to achieve moderate levels of sedation safely. 

Easing Fears for Patients Happy Patients Will Refer

Research indicates that third molar surgery is the most dreaded dental procedure among patients. Understandably, every patient feels anxious about undergoing this surgery. However, with the combination of IV moderate sedation and local anesthesia, third molar surgery can be performed painlessly and without any memory of the procedure. Afterward, patients often report to their family and friends that the experience was “better than expected” and that they “don’t remember anything.” This positive feedback makes others eager to choose you as their dentist.

Safe Moderate Sedation

Our Commitment

At Bay Area IV Wisdom, our primary objective is to ensure safe moderate sedation for all patients. We achieve this by ensuring that patients remain responsive to light tactile stimulation or verbal commands throughout the procedure. Our approach involves titration. Please contact Dr. John Wayland on the specifics around this. By using minimal drugs, we safely attain moderate levels of sedation for our patients.

Curriculum Vitae


Hours Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8am-12pm Wayland Lecture Lenhart Lecture Fagin Lecture Fagin ACLS Certification Patient Sedation 1:1 patient faculty Patient Sedation 1:1 patient faculty
12pm-1pm Lunch Provided Lunch Provided Lunch Provided Lunch Provided Lunch Provided Lunch Provided
1pm-5pm Wayland Lecture Lenhart Lecture Breakout Session ACLS, Drug Review, Venipuncture Practice Breakout Session ACLS, Drug Review, Venipuncture Practice Patient Sedation 1:1 patient faculty Patient Sedation 1:1 patient faculty
5pm-7pm Saturday Wayland Lecture Provided Wayland Lecture Lenhart Lecture Centore Zoom Meeting Wayland Office Evaluation Preparation, IV Sedation Review, Additional time for patients (if needed) Additional time for patients (if needed)

Why SIS?

Simple venipuncture technique

We start with practice on mannequin arms. This builds confidence. We do venipuncture with the dentist partners on a volunteer basis. You will be trained before doing venipuncture on your patients.

Comprehensive — Everything you need to know

Our course follows the guidelines for teaching pain control and sedation published by the American Dental Association®.

Small class

Maximum class size is 12 dentists. Ratio of faculty to patient is one to one so that you can receive hands-on training with your instructor.

Safe — Two reversible drugs

The classical moderate IV sedation drugs used in most hospitals today for a colonoscopy are fentanyl and Versed. This is a safe combination. Fentanyl produces euphoria and analgesia, Versed (midazolam) produces sedation and amnesia. This is a classical drug combination that is safe and predictable.

Free books

Every participating dentist will receive a free copy of Dr. Stanley Malamed’s book “SEDATION: A Guide to Patient Management” As a bonus, you will also receive a free copy “Impacted Third Molars,” published by Wiley and written by Dr. John Wayland. This book contains two chapters dedicated to sedation.

Affordable – $15,000

Our sedation course is less expensive than any other course in the United States at the time of this publication. The course is only offered to California dentists. This means most dentists can drive to our course which saves on car rentals and airfare.

Six days — No airfare or hotel for many participants

This course is completed in six days, and you will receive 80 CE hours (20 hours online). You do not need to make multiple trips to our location in San Jose. Most participants can drive to our course location in Los Gatos, California, which eliminates car rental and Uber, saving you money.

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John Wayland DDS, FAGD, MaCSD

Betty Yee Course Coordinator

Linda Centore RN, PhD


Tom Lenhart DMD, Anesthesiologist

Vincent Vella DDS, DABOI

Matthew Diercks DDS


January 9th - 14th

Our IV sedation course begins Tuesday and ends Sunday at 5 p.m. Safe IV sedation follows the 2016 American Dental Association guidelines for teaching pain control and sedation to dentists and dental students. The course will cover the objectives and content recommended by the ADA and the California Dental Board.

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